Black ops by scruffyronin-d362f6i

So gay

Blacks Ops is a game made by Treyach so Call of Duty is actually *gasp* good. It was mainly directed towards black people who does "ops" on thier moms. Unfortenatly a terrorist cell has hired cruel and relentles THINGS called "Trolls" they scream in a Beibaric voice and deafens you. Currently Treyarch is doing all they can to get the Trolls back under the bridges.


It is a un- *flashback* It is .. wait didn't I *flashback* um whats goin- *flashback*.

Remain calm the person who made the Campaign is being sacked.

rebooting ...

Ok where were we ? Ah yes the campaign. IT IS [Bleep] HORRIBLE TREYARCH. I SWEAR I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND [Bleep] AB-

The editor has been sacked

Oh yeah,the Campaign.Shit gets blown up,a russian freak wearing a trench coat perves on the 'american',another freaky russian moans about vodka and a dead girl gets strangled under water whilst on the Moon by a freak that can wear shades even throughout mortar strikes.

'NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edit


Multiplayer is where n00bs are the practice dummies, and most experienced players are always being swarmed by them.


A shitty game ment to fill the gap between MW2 and MW2.2
Woods yogurt night by doubleleaf-d37l6wt

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