YEa I know, but its here to keep from a repeat of Bad Company wiki, and its the other one.

A page sucks what should I do ?Edit

Well for one you could edit it but if its THAT bad here are a list:

  • Rewrite- used when it is actually useful and ( this may sound shocking ) RELATED to this wiki, but looks like someone went all l337 speak on it.
  • Delete- used when it is obviously spam and/or vandalism ( example: an entire article on meatspin ).

Someone was too lazy to use the Searchbar! HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLPPPP !Edit


  • Merge- use this to link the article to the original one

Someone copyed my page ! *sobs*Edit

If someone does copy your page then you have full rights to nominate it for Deletion. DO NOT remove contents or we admins can't tell whats going on. If you repeatedly copy/harras others you will be BANNED ( dum dum duuum ). However even though someone will recieve cookies for an article the Call of Duty Humor wiki and Tezzla Canon owns all articles, but not the Call of Duty franchise such as Blacks Ops.

Grrrr Vandals Trolls BANHAMMER !!!!!!!!!!!!Edit

( For admins ) We all know 'em. They are fast and quick, their blows are heavy. By all means ban them. But try not to confuse Vandalism with bad edits. There are ALWAYS inexperience people so just send them the bad edit template and go back to coppin'.

Gahh what are we gonne do with these different Religious people ???Edit

Nothing. Deal with it. If they are shoving it down your throat then contact an admin.

I can't understand this languageEdit

The main langauge here is United States ( United Kingdom is good too ) so if you can't a language understand then go here.