GKNOVA6 is a website launched to promote Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was so fucking annoying. (See below for reason)


It is annoying, as it kept saying nuclear stuff, which pissed off a lot of people making them think whether it was for Fallout: New Vegas or COD7. TREYARCH IF YOU ARE READING THIS MAKE IT FUCKING CLEARER FOR WHAT GAME IT IS NEXT TIME AAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!! You finally find out it is for Black Ops in transmission 3. Now, onto transmission 4. This transmission is stupid. We waited a week for that and all we get is some fag saying "Azure has the task", and then it ends. Waste of fucking time. Then, transmission 5. IF WE WANTED TO LISTEN TO LADY GAGA POKERFACE WE WOULD HAVE FUCKING PUT IT ON OURSELVES. Seriously, we waited another week for that, and we just got the TV making a tune that sounded like Pokerface. Then, transmission 6. You type in a password, and a guy comes up strapped to a chair. The end of GKNOVA6.