Nazi zombie.jpg

Nazi Zombies are the zombies that were reanimated from german soldiers by Treyarch when Ininity ward smoke crack with them. They were descended from Homo Monkeys.

Call of Duty: World At WarEdit

They inhabit random areas. One known area is Nacht Der Untoten. They will ambush you. The Nazi Zombies that attack you at Nacht Der Untoten are "Wank Company" and "Twat Force 212". There are endless amounts of them and they will kill you eventually. A good way to kill these fags are with the Tommygun.

Call of duty: Black opsEdit

Their children make a random appearance in black ops when they are sent to the pentagon to eat JFKs brain. (which contains 10000000000000000 IQ) and to rescue the NOVA 6 zombies. Many die because they are so slow but eventually, they eat everyones brains.

Japanese zombiesEdit

Japanese zombies infest swamps because they're gay. There are many conveiniently placed traps to pwn these N00b5