Victor Zakhaev
Victor Zakhaev is Imran Zakhaev's cloned son. He is a proper chav and wears a gay jacket and jeans.


He is a terrorist and wears huggies. He used to work as a Santa in a shopping mall dressed up in a bunny costume, and pretended to be Santa for the kids, evidently, not very well.


Victor Zakhaev was created in the Jizz Wizz Cloning facility because the father, Imran Zakhaev, was a chode who could not get laid at all by any girl, due to that he was a chode. Imran paid the cloning guy extra to make him always appear with blue women's sweats because he likes it, no further information.

Call of Duty: Modern WarfareEdit

Vicotr Zakhaev can be found somewhere. Find him. You will see climbing the wall pretending to be spiderman like a real spaz. He commit suicide with his toy NERF Gun, and turns into a pile of tires if "a bad year" cheat is active.